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A Record for Russo
Price: $150.00
Russo downs his 5th victory a
Me109 and is the only A-36A
pilot to become an Ace.
Jerry scored all his victories flying
the British Spitfire in North Africa.
Charles Older downs 3 aircraft 
on December 25th, 1941 to 
become an Ace.
Eagles Prey
Price: $150.00
First Blood
Price: $150.00
Signed by 
Col. Charles H. MacDonald 
and 10 additional P-38 Aces.
McColpin followed, firing a
half-second burst from under
50 yards. The German fighter
burst into flames.
Signed by legendary
P-40 Flying Tiger Ace
David Lee "Tex" Hill
First Marine Ace
Price: $175.00
First Sting
Price: $175.00
Marion Carl becomes the first
Marine Ace downing three
enemy aircraft at Guadalcanal.
Lt. Luma shoots down an Me-210 or
a “410 twenty miles south west of
Wurstorf Air Field, Germany.
The lithograph depicts Major
Jay T. Robbin's Twenty Second