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Fifth Victory
Price: $175.00
First American Ace
Price: $395.00
First American Ace
Price: $150.00
Within five minutes, the desperate
German had exhausted his
ammunition and Campbell had
moved in for the kill.
Edition One, Lufbery is enshrined 
and honored along with 200 other 
American Volunteers of the 
Escadrille Lafayette. Hand signed
by 26 to 30 American Aces.
Edition Two Raoul V. Lufbery,
16 Victory Ace, signed by 5 Victory
Vietnam Ace Steve Ritchie.
The first American Ace
First Victory
Price: $175.00
Last Victory
Price: $175.00
That was a great lesson never
to be forgotten, always see the
other fellow first and never let
him see you first!
In the ensuing battle
one of the D.F.W. fell
to Brooks’ guns.